Recruitment activities

I am part of the recruitment team of Sioux Mathware. As a recruiter I conduct interviews with people who are interested in working at the mathware expertise group of our company. I also frequently visit job fairs and give seminars at universities. Next to letting people get to know Sioux Mathware, I also have a personal goal when I give seminars or visit job fairs. I want to make students aware -- based on my own experiences as a mathematics consultant -- that there are really many beautiful applications of (advanced) mathematics within industry and society. And that plently of businesses and public organizations see the value of mathematics for improving their services or products.

Activities at high schools

During my time as a PhD student, I thought about how (applications of) mathematics can be explained to a broad audience. My goals were to give an idea about the contents of mathematics, the way of thinking, and last but not least, how much fun mathematics is. Unfortunately, I do not have time currently to do these kind of activities, despite the importance of the matter.

List of talks