Jord Boeijink

My main research interests are noncommutative geometry and quantisation of gauge theories. In 2014 I completed my PhD under supervision of Walter van Suijlekom and Klaas Landsman in the mathematical physics group at the Radboud University Nijmegen. A digital copy of my PhD thesis can be found in the Radboud Repository. Between October and December 2014 I continued to work as a post-doc in the same group. In 2015 I switched careers and from April 2015 on I work at a company in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Nevertheless, I can still be contacted at the email address below if you have questions about any of my papers or just general questions about my area of research. I will be happy to answer them.


I can be contacted at mail [at] [my firstname] [my lastname] [dot] nl